Who Could Use Infinite Banking?

We’d be hypocrites if we told you all financial advice on social media platforms is garbage. There are plethoras of people we admire online giving sound advice for free. However, there’s also a large bank of product salespeople with products that line their pockets without much regard for the value the product will ultimately offer the consumer. And at k4 we posit this may account for a huge portion of Canadians currently being sold the idea of “Infinite Banking”- a style of utilizing a whole life insurance policy as part of a financial plan. An influencer can make things seem incredible, but what are their true intentions? If they have only one solution, they are not the answer.

00:00 – Be your own banker?
02:12 – Scenario 1: Maxed out/Stable
03:09 – Business Owner Shuffle
04:04 – Money Than Enough Money
05:45 – Then why are so many sold?

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