Your Financial Team

We are not your average corporation or group of advisors. The Financial Team at K4 Financial is transparent and honest, and above all else, we care deeply about you and your hard-earned money.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the change in the financial services industry in Canada. We aim to change an industry full of secrecy and unnecessarily high fees by being transparent, open and offering unbiased opinions and recommendations to all of our clients.

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In Our Words

In our words, here’s the team talking retirement planning, life/work balance and a whole bunch in between. We produced this video series to help people get a glimpse at our “why”… the passions that keep us energized, ready to meet new people and help them prosper.

The Best Thing About K4

In this video, we loosen the ties we seldom wear to talk about the sweet stuff: why culture at K4 is such an important part of our equation- look, we don’t want to blow our own horns until we pass out, but it’s nice to know the people planning for you and helping guide you through financial literacy videos are enjoying what they do, right?

Being an Advisor

What about this career path spoke to our associates and advisors? What drives a K4 day? Passion is important, so feel free to borrow some of ours if you’re low! Always here to chat.

Let’s Talk Low Fees

You knew we were going to flex this one: industry-disrupting, more retirement money for you, less hidden fee for the bank planning is OUR WHOLE THING. But what’s the drive behind it, and why/how does it work? Welcome to the engine room of K4!

Benefit Program

We sat the team down and asked: Beyond a career, has your time involved with the planning industry benefitted you in your own life? What do you find surprised you?

Free Advice!

Here, we simply posed the question: “What’s your quickest, best piece of financial advice?”. Spoiler Alert: The Advisors/Associates’ answers are super boring. There are no “weird tricks” and no one even talks about NTFs! It’s all sound, practical advice! Of all the nerve!

Our Team

Meet the friendly faces at K4 looking to revolutionize the industry and make your retirement better.

Kent For Web

Kent Tilley

Founder & President

Kent is Founder and President of K4 Financial, a dad to the best little guy, YouTuber, Podcaster, and a stand-up comedian – talk about a busy man!

His main tasks in running K4 Financial involve developing comprehensive financial plans for his clients and prospects, helping his clients implement the strategies recommended specifically for them from their financial plan and continuous monitoring of their progress. If you’d like to learn more about why Kent started K4 Financial, you can read more here.

Chad For Web

Chad Wiebe, CFP®

Partner & Financial Planner

Chad is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), and partner at K4 Financial.

Chad lives and works in Winnipeg. When he’s not in the office, you can find him spending time with his growing family, volunteering, or on the dock at the family cabin.

He is known for his passion helping clients to organize and understand their financial lives and developing action plans they can follow. Chad’s main objectives at K4 are to develop comprehensive financial plans for our clients, along with creating and implementing the future growth plans for the company.

Gage For Web

Joaquin Gage


Originally growing up in Vancouver, Joaquin now calls Edmonton his home along with his wife and two children.

Joaquin started his career as an advisor with Canada Life Financial and transitioned to the K4 Financial team. 

Having been a professional hockey player for 15 years, two of them with the Edmonton Oilers hockey club (this is very exciting for Kent), Joaquin has a great understanding of setting goals and how to achieve them.

Joaquin was drawn to K4 based on his love of client success, recognizing he could best serve his network by helping cut fees and bring smiles to faces.

Sean For Web

Sean Lecomber


Sean Lecomber is a licensed mutual funds sales representative who has worked alongside Kent Tilley at K4 Financial for two years. He’s passionate about client care and helping people achieve their financial goals. Sean works as an intermediary between K4 clients and our excellent fund managers at Modern Advisor. Walking clients through the process and assisting when needed is his primary role. 


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Katelin Normandeau

From client to employee, Katelin started with K4 as a client in 2021, and has now officially joined the K4 team…who says financial planning is just for “old” people?! 
She brings an educational background in Business, is a licensed mutual fund representative, and is LLQP licensed to help you with any life insurance, disability, accident and sickness, and group benefit needs. Currently she is working towards obtaining her QAFP designation with the end goal of becoming a CFP.
She loves the psychology of money, and loves finding ways to save more of it.  She’ll be with you from start to finish, from intake, to onboarding, financial reviews, plan delivery, and ongoing customer service and client management. 
Reach out and see how she can make your life easier. Katelin looks forward to working with you and challenges you to bring any and all circumstances to K4 – “it’s exciting when every situation is so different”.


Ryan For Web

Ryan Ash

Video Editor

Ryan Ash has been involved in the entertainment and marketing industries since he was 17. Starting as an actor, Ryan was almost immediately drawn to the technical aspects of the business. Since then, he has produced TV shows and specials, including 100 episodes of satirical news comedy “The Week Thus Far”, and has had a hand in Visual Effects for TV, Movies and Commercial projects. His proficiencies include video shooting/editing, motion graphics and 3D design. Ryan loves the K4 goal of accessible financial literacy for all.

Our Videos

K4 is constantly engaged in providing free videos teaching financial literacy to benefit Canadians and the world. Your finances don't have to be a mystery, and the more you learn the more you save! If you want us to address a topic that is of importance to you, please don't hesitate to be in touch.

We are a small company with big dreams. Our primary goal is to provide as many Canadians as possible with entertaining and informative financial information that is easy to understand.

It is our belief that Canadians are getting into financial trouble because they lack the proper education and information and are never sure who or what to trust.

This is why we will create as much video content as possible to help you to understand the complex world of finance.

For this reason, we have decided to be as transparent as we possibly can be. We will provide our clients with a complete breakdown of every dollar we can make off of you should you choose to use our services and take our recommendations and are 100% confident that it will be substantially lower than any of our competition.

We want you to be completely confident that the only reason we are providing you with the advice we are giving is because we believe it is in your best interest.

Our goal is and always will be to make sure that our clients are better off financially because they chose to give us a chance.