Lowering Fees

No commissions, no hidden fees, no conflicts of interest. Our goal is to protect your hard-earned money by showing you how to keep as much of it as possible.

The K4 Way

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At K4 our advisor fee starts at 1.0% to a maximum of $200/m depending on asset level and complexity. We have paired with ModernAdvisor to manage our client’s assets. Their fee is 0.40%, plus an average ETF fee of 0.20%. Discounts begin at $250,000 invested.

The Old Way
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A typical mutual fund portfolio in Canada has fees around 2.2%, this number is amongst the highest in the world! Just because you’re paying more, doesn’t mean you’re getting more. Studies have shown that fees are one of the best indicators of performance (higher fees correlate to lower performance).

Our Awesome Rates... Explained

Check out this video detailing our new structure and why we’re excited to bring it to you.

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Package 1: K4 Client

For the true benefit a relationship with a financial advisor can bring without wallet draining commissions and fees, we bring our industry disrupting fee structure to offer Canadians elite advisors at down to earth rates. We still make a generous living, you have a better retirement. Our coverage ensures a friendly relationship that helps guide your savings and planning to greater plateaus. 

K4 Ongoing Service Rate Table Ages 50-69
K4 Ongoing Service Rate Table Ages 18-49 and 70 up

Package 2: Fee For Service Packages

There are some situations where ongoing help isn’t the perfect fit for clients. There are DIY investors (but be careful of fatal bouts of confidence in that area, we see it a lot), people with ultra simple situations, people looking for a “second opinion”, the list goes on! Thankfully, we’ve got a comprehensive package to give you a great vision of the future.

K4 Fee For Service Service Rate Table Ages 50-69
K4 Fee For Service Service Rate Table Ages 18-49 and 70 up

Are You Paying Hidden Fees?

One of the things that drive us crazy over here at K4 is when clients are paying fees that they’re completely unaware of and/or their advisor continues to be deceptive about what they’re paying when they ask.