7 Things To Do Before Retirement

Start your engines, it’s time to… slow down your engines? Okay, that was a terrible way to start this, let’s try again… So much of retirement planning is focused on what we are going to do DURING retirement. The money we spend, the taxes we try to avoid, etc. But what actions and behaviors can we take to lay a solid foundation for the path ahead? These steps can be just as important. Don’t wait until you tell your company you’re outta there to start these. A little planning goes a long way. Big shout out to Adam at  @ParallelWealth  – he’s a great friend to the channel and we swear we had this in the oven before he dropped a recent video in the same vein- as we say in the video, he’s just one step ahead! But between our two channels, our goal is the same: arming Canadians with the right knowledge to enrich their retirement and lower their costs. We hope you enjoy, and take something away from this one!