My Weekly Videos

They definitely aren't all on here, but you can find every video I have ever done on YouTube or Facebook and check here every week to see what I am talking about.

I try my very best to cover topics that I think average Canadians need to understand and I try my best to make my videos entertaining and easy to understand. Most of the time, I wish they were a bit shorter, but it's hard for me to get a bunch of information in really quickly, because I don't talk at a very rapid pace.

My goal with the videos is two-fold:

1. If someone were to watch them all, they would basically have all of the financial know-how that they'll ever need. Once I cover all the topics I plan to cover, that is.

2. It allows my viewers to get to know me and if you decide that you like the cut-of-my-jib and feel as though you can trust me, it will give you the confidence to contact me and ask for my professional help.

I know my personality and style isn't for everyone and I'm okay with that. I decided to do it my way, because it makes me happy and I know that my way is a better way for all Canadians to keep more of their hard-earned money.

Afraid of the Stock Market right now? Everyone who has investments right now has been on a rough ride for the last couple of months, so today I want to try and help you think about it in a different way and hopefully ease some of your fears.

A Simple Introduction to K4 Financial

Are you stressed about money? You're not alone and we can help by developing a personalized financial plan just for you.

Being successful is NOT easy, but it is very simple. Maybe if you start to think about your financial life in a different way, it will help you to get ahead. There's no better time than today to start getting control of your financial situation.
A very basic introduction to Dividends and how sweet they can be. *Sometimes dividend income can have a very negative impact on retirement income due to poor tax planning. Never just go all in on dividends if you don't understand the potential issues involved.
How much money do you save in tax when you donate to a charity. Unfortunately it's not incredibly simple to understand. Thought it was a good lesson to teach after seeing how generous Canadians have been to the victims of the Humboldt tragedy.
The absolute best way to pay your mortgage off earlier. "The Mortgage Destroyer."
This was the catalyst that made me decide to start K4 Financial. If it wasn't worth it for me to sell myself investments, even though I made a commission off of myself, how could I possibly live with selling them to someone else? Link to blog:
Are you afraid your nest egg won't last? Here are a few things you can control to make it last as long as possible. Please subscribe to our channel.
How will you be taxed when you die? How are different assets taxed? Knowing this can help you plan to leave more money to those who matter most. Please subscribe to our page
Want to learn how to make a bunch of money TAX-FREE? All you have to do is watch this video. Please subscribe, like and comment
There is a right way to do this and a wrong way to do this. In this video I explain the right way and the wrong way in 3 life stages. During your working years, in retirement and at death. People who do this the wrong way are the ones who say RRSPs are bad.
Here is a direct comparison of 2 options people can use if they want to be mortgage free earlier. There's a pretty clear cut winner in my mind.
There's a huge correlation between financial stress and mental health issues. If you are suffering from either, I urge you to seek professional help. It can get better.
In 2 simple steps, I explain the easiest and best way for most Canadians to save for retirement. I break down how the plan will unfold in the future, so you can understand the risks and income streams you will have.
RRSPs have a bad reputation for some reason, but they are actually really great for almost everyone, so I'm doing my best to try and show you why. In the next few weeks I will talk about a couple of awesome RRSP strategies and how to understand your tax return.

Everything you ever wanted to know about segregated funds.

This is easily the objection I hear the most from people and I am here to explain why it isn't an actual concern you should have. Once you overcome this fear, you'll save thousands in fees.

I'm about to show you a way to instantly check to see if my investment strategy has been outperforming the one your advisor has suggested.

The dangers of following the crowd. Aurora is just a good example for today.

A real world example of how people can actually save tax dollars every year by tax planning their accounts.

Taking calculated risks with your investments can drastically increase the performance of your portfolio over time.