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Comedian Friends of K4

I am definitely not funny enough to make all sorts of financial planning lessons funny, but one of the biggest perks of being a stand-up comedian is that you meet a bunch of interesting people and make all sorts of funny friends.

I decided to enlist some of my funny friends to help me add humour to my scripts and luckily for me, comedians in Canada are so desperate for any kind of work that you can actually just pay them in compliments.

I have devoted this page to introduce you to anyone who helps me with my content. Please take a moment to watch their clips, or follow them on social media.

Sean Locomber

Sean Locomber | @slecomber

Sean is the best comedian I know and almost any comedian that knows him will tell you that he is the best writer they have ever met. Personally he is in my top 5 favourite comedians on the planet and it’s a shame that he is not famous, but luckily for me he isn’t, so he helps me out. Sean makes me feel like a terrible writer every time he sends me a revised script, but I am super thankful he’s on board. I’m also glad he’s not famous, because we golf together a lot and I actually play well with him.

Scott Belford

Scott Belford | @thebelf7

Scott and I started out as fierce enemies in the Edmonton comedy scene. Scott would destroy me in every single comedy contest I entered. After he wasn’t allowed to enter anymore I won sometimes, so we became friends, even though he’s a Flames fan. Unfortunately for me, Scott moved to Toronto to pursue his dream. Scott is a great writer and a hilarious comedian.

Ben Proulx

Ben Proulx |

Ben is a very busy entertainer, as not only is he a comedian, but he is also becoming a fairly consistent working actor. We’re happy to see hard work start to pay off for a very funny young man who had to grow up in the mean streets of Sherwood Park. Check out his website: Happy to have you on board Ben.