Steps to a Cure

It's Done!!! :)

The idea I had to raise some money for Pancreatic Cancer has come and gone for the year. It didn't work out quite like I had expected when I came up with the idea, but nevertheless, I was pleased with the result. 

In the end we had about 25 people who came out to support the event and only one male who actually ran the race, with the exclusion of my nephews and a few of their friends. A couple other guys walked the course, either because they were hungover, or actually had a legitimate excuse. Either way, we were happy to have them there as every registration dollar counts.

The Day Belonged to the Women

Jennifer, not even tired on her first lap. A worthy champion.

Jennifer, not even tired on her first lap. A worthy champion.

I finally tried to run this course today and it was tough. I did one complete lap in exactly 16 minutes and we had 2 girls (Jennifer and Vicky) who actually completed 5 laps in an hour, which is no small feat. They were incredible athletes and we were so happy to have them out and meet them on the crisp, but beautiful fall morning. Due to our top female completing 5-laps, I donated $500 on her behalf to the charity. Jennifer was our top racer, but Vicky was not far behind. 

Jamie, the kick-ass fundraiser. You rock!!

Jamie, the kick-ass fundraiser. You rock!!

Our top fundraiser was also a woman who signed up 2-days before the event. In 48 hours she was able to raise over $1,400 for the charity, which is absolutely awesome!! Thank you so much for your support Jamie.

The Kids

Honorable mention has to go out to all the kids who came out to support the event as well. This was not exactly my idea, but my sisters invited my niece and nephews and then brought along some of their friends kids, who they had convinced to sign up when they were drinking some wine the night before. Not drinking with the kids, but with the parents of the kids.

Logan and Joseph running for their Grandpa.

Logan and Joseph running for their Grandpa.

My 9 year old nephew Joseph absolutely killed it and completed 3.5 laps of this ridiculously hard course. He just so happens to be named after my father, who was the whole reason why I started this event in the first place. Had Joseph actually been signed up he would have taken home the prize for top male competitor.

It's not all for not though, because my sister and our friend Denise donated $20 for each lap that the kids completed and Joseph blew away his competition. Great work little buddy, your Papa would be very proud of your hard work.

Our Top (and only) Male

Brent, pumped about his trophy

Brent, pumped about his trophy

I don't want to make that sound bad, because I was super thankful that he signed up and contributed to the event. Brent completed 2.5 laps of the gruelling course and was also our fourth highest fundraiser, so thank you very much for your support Brent. Hopefully next year a few more guys will actually sign up and the competition will be a bit more stiff. Next year I will definitely be shooting for the 5-lap mark. I decided to round up and donate $300 on Brent's behalf for his efforts. Good work Brent and thank you so much for supporting this event. I hope to see you out again next year.

Corporate Sponsors

I would like to take a moment to thank the companies who generously donated to the event, which enabled me to provide a little more value to the racers who worked so hard to fundraise and then run.

Aircom Instrumentation - Thank you for the sweet trophies

B&B Demolition - Thank you for the t-shirts

Groove Stone in Southgate - Thank you for the bag and wallet that was awarded to the top fundraiser

Rick Bronson's The Comic Strip - Thank you for providing 4 tickets to each of the volunteers and competitors. I made sure to tell them not to go when I'm there so that they don't think the club hires terrible comedians.

Honourable Mention - Leston Holdings - Thank you for your large cash donation.

Please support the great local businesses if you're ever in need of one of their products or services.

Cathi given er' with the folding of the shirts

Cathi given er' with the folding of the shirts

The Volunteers

Whenever you hear about charity events, people always talk about how it couldn't be done without the volunteers. In this case, that was totally true, because I didn't have much of an idea as to what I was doing. I would now like to thank my wife Cathi and my sister Kim with helping me not look like a disorganized idiot on the day of the event.

Thank you both so much for your help.

The Results

In the end, the turnout was a little lower than I had planned for and I had hoped to raise a little bit more money, but I actually think it turned out really well, because now I actually know what I want this event to look like as I move forward.

I am proud that we almost raised $6,000 off of an idea that I had one morning when I was struggling up the stairs and saw my dad's name and I am happy that I met some terrific new people who came out to support the event without knowing who I am or who my father was.

I would like to thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

Thank you,

Kent Tilley

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