Photoshoot Winner!!!!


When I decided last week that I was going to do a free, amateur photoshoot for a deserving family, I was hopeful that I would get some good submissions and have the opportunity to do something nice for a family that really deserved a treat. 

I know I'm not a professional, but I also know that I will try really hard to capture some good shots in the hopes that they can have some memories to cherish.

When I received the email nominating a deserving family, I chose them as the winner immediately and you're about to find out why.

Below is an excerpt from the email I received:

"On June 25th 2016 Jessica gave birth to a baby boy – Bodhi. Like many women, Jessica is a single mother who is devoted to her son. The biggest difference being that Bodhi is now over one year old and has never left the hospital. It wasn’t until after his first birthday that he actually got to go outside. Bodhi has had faced more than his share of medical problems, despite this he is such a sweet young man who loves to play with his toys, read books and be cuddled by his Mommy. Every day for over a year now Jessica has made the hospital her home. She has lived in a border room or at the Ronald McDonald House and spends almost all of her waking hours with Bodhi. Having family photos taken is not something that Jessica will be able to put on her priority list – she is going to be spending her time and money providing Bodhi with the medical devices and care providers he is going to need once he is discharged. Jessica is a passionate advocate for her son and has faced so many hard days over the past year but has been resilient and found a way to remain positive for her son. She deserves a treat, not to mention Bodhi is such a sweet baby with the most squeezable, kissable cheeks."

As the father of a young son, nothing breaks my heart more than thinking of a child who is in pain. I am going to be so happy to try and capture some moments for Jessica and her beautiful son Bodhi. After we take the photos, I look forward to sharing their story with you.

Congratulations Jessica and Bodhi, I hope I can give you a nice treat to help momentarily take away your stress for a short time.

Kent TilleyComment