This Week at K4

Earlier this week I had a few great meetings. One via email, one on the phone and one over lunch. I helped a few clients with some needs and they decided to do business with me, which is always awesome! In the old days, this would have been an absolutely huge week for me as my next paycheque would have been North of $18,000 and my annual income would have gone up as well. Not to mention, two managers (who wouldn’t have helped with this at all, I might add) would have also been paid large sums of money, because I did this business.
Think about that for a second. Three people are being paid a lot of money for one person’s work, plus an entire company is still making a large profit after paying all the other expenses. This is where all of the fees you’re paying are going. It amounts to Billions of dollars out of Canadians hands every year. This is the same at every institution.

This was still a huge week for me, but things are different now as I will only earn $3,200 over the course of the next 12-months for what just happened. It’s obviously not chump change, but a lot less than I would have made before. You can do the math if you want as I talk about how much K4 Financial gets paid off of your investments all the time. (Hint; K4 gets 0.60%)
Since I started this company a short time ago, there have been two constants with every prospective client that has come to me, no matter what their situation. These clients are from BC all the way to Quebec (No Maritimes of Territories yet). Some clients are retired millionaires and some clients are just starting out with a couple of thousand in their TFSA.

  1. That person or couple now knows where they sit financially and they have a framework for what they need to do to achieve their goals. Some people are sitting pretty and now have a sense of calm, because they know they’ll be ok. Others are not in as good of shape, but they now know what it will take and how to do it. The next step is up to them, but they’ll always have my guidance, support and advice along the way.
  2. Every single person I have talked to, whether they decided to do business with me or not, has seen a way to save money. I have saved my average client $1,300/year in investment fees, plus a bunch more in other ways through tax and budget planning, or proper insurance planning. These savings I am providing are significantly more than I am earning to give them advice (In most cases).

The bottom line is this; if you want honest advice; complete transparency from your Certified Financial Planner Professional; to save money in fees, which will improve the chances that you get better long-term investment returns, then I think you should stop procrastinating with your future and contact me today.

I don’t bite.