Why Investing in Stocks isn't Risky - Unless You Do It Wrong

You’re Afraid of the Stock Market

So many people I talk to are afraid of investing in the stock market. The fear of losing money greatly outweighs the idea that they can make a great deal of money.

For me, I think it comes down to an understanding of what you’re investing in. Before I got into this business, I was what you would call a Moderate Aggressive investor. I wasn’t totally sure why, but it sounded good to me as it talked about having good growth potential with a little less risk.

Once I really learned to understand the Stock Market and what I was actually investing in, my risk tolerance changed. I increased my risk to become an Aggressive investor, because I know that – in the end – Stocks will outperform Bonds. I just have to learn patience and not make decisions in times of market turmoil and I know I will be fine.

Now I am in no way saying that everyone should be an Aggressive investor, because it’s just not in everyone’s DNA, but I do think that everyone should get a better understanding of what they’re investing their hard-earned money in and if you do that, I think you’ll feel more comfortable investing in the right things, for the long term.

If you do it correctly, it is almost impossible to lose money over time.

Stocks Aren’t Risky – Your Decisions Are

This video explains why you have very little to be afraid of.


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