Huge Announcement - How This Works?

K4 Financial Investment Sale


As I have been growing this company, I have been having a great time, but I am also learning as I go.

I have decided to mostly provide service based on charging a higher fee on the investments and not a planning fee, unless you are still interested in paying for a financial plan. The updated savings you can expect are in the photo above.

As of right now, my average savings per client is $870/year.

I’ve created a company that I am super proud of based on a few principles that will never change:

I want to educate Canadians about financial planning

I want to show Canadians how to save money on investment fees

I want to focus on Financial Planning and be compensated for that

I want people to know my advice is based on what I believe is in their best interest and take sales out of it.

I want to help all Canadians, regardless of net worth

In order to achieve these things, I had to find a way to charge as little as possible – to save my clients money – but also charge enough, so that I can make money and keep the doors open.

I believe I have created a way, because I have found a way to trim as much of the fat out of the typical financial planning process as possible. I put a little bit of the work in your hands and that way I can know you’re engaged and spend more time on the plans I develop for my clients. Plus I can spend more time making incredible videos.

Please watch the video and share it with your friends and family who could use some professional advice.