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Kent Tilley

Born and raised in Edmonton Alberta; the youngest of four children: Kim, Keri, Keith and myself, which explains the name of my company. My father was a physician until he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2006 and later passed away in 2007. My mom now works part-time for my sister and helps us all out with our kids as she is the best Nana around.

I married the love of my life in 2011, who is the best high school teacher in the world and we had our beautiful son in early 2015.

Professionally I have a background in residential construction and civil engineering, prior to pursuing a career in financial planning. I chose to do so, because it appeared to be a very rewarding career both personally and professionally if you worked hard and were in it because you wanted to actually help people. Another reason I entered the industry was because I knew I needed to understand more about what to do with our money, so why not get some firsthand knowledge on the subject? I joined a large financial institution in 2011 and earned my CFP® in 2015. I was seeing some early success in my career and was five years into having a long and successful career in financial planning at a large firm.

As a very glorified hobby, I am also a “professional” stand-up comedian. I started comedy in 2009 and saw some very early success as my delivery was somewhat unique. You may notice that I talk at a fairly slow pace, so if you can’t handle that you can just read my blogs at your own pace instead of watching my videos and falling asleep. I never wanted to become a full-time professional comedian, because I would prefer to have a career that allows me to spend more time in town with my family. Due to this my stand-up has probably hit its limit, but that’s not to say that I don’t absolutely love doing it and I will never stop performing as long as someone is willing to pay me a little bit of money to do it.

Unfortunately, most financial institutions do not really support their employees who pursue publicly ‘visible’ hobbies, which was a major push for me to go out on my own. At this point I decided to start K4 Financial. My vision and belief is that I can use a combination of my knowledge about financial planning, including a lot of the flaws I see in the industry, and my comedic background to educate Canadians about a subject I am very passionate about.

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